Sunday, February 1, 2009

31 January 2009 - belated post

poor me... : ( sob sob..

i lost my purse in 1 u.. so sad... second time losing a purse.. haizz..

everyone say take it as donating to the NEEDY ohh... what can i say? all gone...

but i gain something.. the only thing i wanted... my new boyfriend.. look at him so shy yet so cute... : )

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I LOVE CNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the soju,laine was especially,we decided to pinch her kaokao to wake her up didn't work..==ll poser..

Expressing our love for DOLPHIN BOY,JUUUNNNSSSSUUU!!!<3333>
Dang! I almost tore all the posters down...GIMME PLSSSS...*sings dramatically*
Boss:Not a come here for that!
Boss: No way..
Me: but...but why??!!!
Boss: Who doesn't know you, miss-leave-the-stains-on-d-plates-till-they-stink??!!!!!
Me: WAEGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stabs Boss with parang*

Enjoying the atmosphere in the room..aaaaahhh..
*true isi hati*
Me:Laine,just tear it down..*whispers*
Laine:Why me? You do it!
Me:Aish! You sickening girl! The boss's not looking now,take it down or YooChun's staying with me tonight!
Laine:He had been staying with you all the time..==ll
Me:Fine! I'll ask him to call you today..DEAL??

Mango pudding!!! It tasted like...MMMMAAAANNNGGGGOOOOOOOO!!!!! *howls* XDDDD

It's just a part of the enormous table..couldn't even fit all the food..and we had to stack the dimsum like that..AND WE BARELY TOUCHED THE brothers were stuffing themselves like crazy..LOL..HUMAN PUFFERS!!! WEEEEEE!!! *bloats*
Say,my second brother and I were slightly too high actually..for the past one week,we have been screaming like mariah carey and disturb everyone and got ourselves in tonnes of troubles..last night went shopping with him and bought all sorts of toys and stuff for the kids..BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints faints*
My eldest bro had this damn cute morning call which sounded like this..
Hei san luuuu...
Lan chu hei san luuuu...
Hei san,Hei san,Lan chu hei san..HEI SAN Luuuuuuuuuu....
N TODAY WAS THE FIRST TIME I WOKE UP DAMN EARLY..smiling widely..because of that stupid alarm..LOL..IT WAS UBERLY ADORABLE....XDDD

That's when alchohol acted..XD was out of boredom,I looked like I was going to cry..LOL..

YUNHO!!! *can't reach the top* *hop hop hop* NNNUUUUUU!!!!

LOL..Eric and his give-her-sum-style..stupid dude..anyways,I chase after SUM PPL to take pics together...Aaaahhh,they'll never resist...RRRRRIIIGGGHHHTTT??!!!!!
All: .....yeah yeah..whatever..
Me:*grabs AK47*
All: BUTTS RASHING UP,GETTA HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs runs runs*
Me: ....eeewww....==llll

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

belated post for 23 January 2009

happy birthday purple yan,

i am so happy today.. my friends gave me a real big surprise.. thank you so much.. at least i have a sweet 17 hahaa since my sweet 16 was a disaster.. alright not really disaster but is a saddening one..
alright back to reality.. today is the third day of Chinese new year huh?? i don't feel anything lol.. stucked at home... was supposed to be doing my kerja amal but someone reminded me of my blog.. haha thus, that's why i am here now..

seriously there is nothing much to share..
oh yeah oh yeah... 23 of January 2007 someone gave me a dog and i named it Goldie... 23 of January 2009 someone gave me a dog and i name it Socksu... could the 2009 take over the 2007 ? i know the cost for the 2009 dog is eight times the cost for the 2007 dog.. woah... so expensive (special in deed)... agreee? how could i not be touched... the most expensive present one could give apart from my family.. people always thoughts that counts but we are human beings..who would not be touched receiving a present that cost so much.. haha..thank you Edward.. you could totally take over Vincent.. haha.. in physically and appearances..(obviously)

Chin-kun i love your perfume and lip gloss : ) so girly huh.. hahaa so cute

Sam-kun i love your trophy and journal.. its lovely : ) so sweet

my two marshmallow will forever be in my little heart : )



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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 eat up my bento and never apologise???!!!! *kicks D*

Finally, it's like...another 5 days to CNY,the atmosphere is pretty...AWESOME! My house turned into a botanic garden while my room was still covered in spider webs==ll Chrysanthemum..freesia,small flowers to BIG ones, furnitures, food,clothes,BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Appa and omma are truly shopaholics...Shuen knocked down,POOFF!!!!
Tmr going to daorae with D...WEEEEEEE!!! XDDD It's the first time leh,kancheong until shit wanna come out..LOL..OTTOKEHHHHH???!!!!
Ever since the first day of school until now, my pea sized brain could not absorb a single thing at yeah, my mind slept while my eyes do the try-to-focus-for-nothing work...
And tmr is pn l and n's retirement day,how i wished i could so smth more...issshhh..TT_TT
My two oppa deul are coming back on friday..weeeee!! Going to fetch them from airport and go shopping!!! I can't wait for CNY!!! YAAAYYYY!!!!! D!! SARANGHAEYO!!!!!


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Saturday, January 3, 2009


NUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crashes to the floor dramatically and lands on dog poop* that's exactly what I felt. I don't care..LSM and the msian organizers better watch out cause I'll stand by,ready to attack them with my rusty parang..or my hands would do better..heh!!!!!

and those antifans coming out all of a sudden..seriously, next, I'm going to be the super duper powderful mafia leader and kill all those blooooddddyyy antifans, WUHANN!!!!! Let's battle to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws grenades and TNT* Harassing tvxq like that and think we cassies are dead wan ah??!!!!! Aishhh..shincha shincha...This time is too much, pissed me off and my mafia brothers in Japan will kill you all in no time..darn it...waegure...I'll grant them a painless,quick death!!! *evil laughters* *thunder lightning background*

XAT XAT XAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay..everything is under control now, I'll keep stalking for more progress..

I'm watching U

School is going to reopen in a few days time..I wondered if I should run to Mr Tham and say, SIR!!! I WANT TO HAVE A CASSIE UNITED CLUB!!!!

And only my head will stick out of the ground and my body buried in earth...
But..I gurantee if we have that club, everyone would be so super duper active to come for koko!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---->Sam, she had been sleeping and sleeping or going out...hmmm..Everyday is Terry day!!! XDD Vonne, when was the last time I spoke to her? I forgot. I'mma losing my head soon.

Still, BOGOSHIPUHYO!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggs*

Oh yeah, I'll be back with lotsa dbsk goodies and news when school reopens!! *winkwink*


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midvalley outing 23 dec

Just recently, Yvonne, I-Vonne, Trice, and I went to midvalley. Hehe. The outing was quite enjoyable, I'd say. :) I treasure every bit of it. We also took some smexy pictures. Yay yo. Hara hetta~

I-Vonne and I

The 2 Vonnes

A nice picture of Trisu and Vonney

Ms. Lim and I(haha ^^)

Ms Lim, Ms Koon, and Ms Chan (Lol. It actually sounds a tad bit out of place when we address them by their surnames. :P)

Trisu and the almighty SAM

Trisu, Vonnes, and Mr.Pillar

We just love lumbers.. Yum.

Ah.. The bird cage...

Yay me. :)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i still miss you after all..

hey guys..
miss my post huh? sure you do..since after all sam and chin *posts* are not that interesting and lively like mine huh.. haha (better apologise before i am bashed) haha... *gomenei* *biannei*

life is not as interesting as i wished after all.. i finished my four thick books... namely twilight, new moon, esclipe, and breaking dawn... how great ya.. really love edward cullen.. i used to have someone very similar to him.. but he had his own bella now.. haha it is ok.. used to it.. life is not fair as we all know..
last year christmas was unpleasant as i could say... this year... i really wonder.. i always wanted a white christmas.. he said he could bring me one but he never appear after that very day.. where is he now? could anyone tell me.. i really still miss him...

love ,

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